professional worker 

A qualified person holding a university degree in a specialized field can apply for a professional work visa provided it is not restricted by Panama. 

  • The degree will need to be homologated by the Panama University - This process can take about 6 months 

  • Valid passport 

  • Notarized copies of the passport 

  • 5 passport photos 

  • Power of attorney containing the names and nationality of the applicant´s parents 

  • Criminal background certificate recently issued and apostilled 

  • Health certificate issued by Panama doctor 

  • Background declaration forms 

  • Check for $250 for the National Treasury 

  • Check for $800 for the National Immigration Service 

  • Apostilled degree for homologation 

The visa grants 2 year provisional residency and permanent residency can be applied for after 2 years. 

The cost for this visa is $4150 including the homologation process for provisional residency