María Guerra

Maria is our managing partner. She has over 17 years experience handling immigration, business, civil and family matters. She also assists with property, tax, administrative and criminal law procedures. 

Maria holds over 15 degrees and diplomas including Masters degrees and Specialist degrees in law. Additionally, she holds diplomas in trusts and advanced leadership. 

Apart from being a highly qualified, experienced and respected lawyer, Maria also holds Masters degrees in Public Management and Higher Education which allows her to give lectures at universities. She is often contacted by various universities in Panama to offer lectures to law students and has completed classes on criminal law, commercial law, philosophy of law, civil law and more. 

She enjoys meeting new people and assisting people - She has assisted clients from the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Italy, France, South Africa, Australia, China, Venezuela, Peru, Germany & more many

Language skills: Spanish (native), Portuguese (advanced), English (advanced-intermediate), Italian (basic)

Meet the team

asst. Lawyer

Catalina is an experienced lawyer that specializes in criminal cases.  She also assists with civil, family and labor procedures.

Language skills: Spanish (native)

asst. lawyer

Cielo mainly focuses on civil, family and commercial procedures, but also assists with immigration, property and criminal cases.

Language skills: Spanish (native)

asst. lawyer

Eric assists with various procedures, but mainly focuses on civil and family processes but can also assist with various other procedures.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (basic-intermediate)

asst. lawyer

Jose is an experienced lawyer specializing in criminal procedures. He also assists with civil cases and other processes.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (intermediate-advanced)


Ruhan provides general management services over both offices and further takes care of our website, social media and online platforms and marketing. He also assists clients with information and additional support services.

Language skills:  English (proficient), Afrikaans (native), Spanish (basic)


Laura works at our Coronado office and handles various administrative tasks, client services and various additional support services that may be needed to assist clients in the beach areas.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (advanced)

general assistant

Yami is our general assistant in the city. She helps us with various tasks that may include administration, typing of documents, printing and copying, assisting clients, visiting government departments and more.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (basic)


Lazaro is currently studying for his law degree and has joined our team to gain practical work experience. He assists with various tasks including documentation, client assistance, research, visiting government departments and more.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (advanced)


Gady is our accounting partner.  She is an expert accountant with over 25 years experience. She can assist with personal and business accounting.

Language skills:  Spanish (native), English (basic)

real estate agent

Carolina is one of our real estate partners. She is a licensed and experienced agent that specializes in new developments around Panama City.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (advanced-intermediate)

melissa + monica
real estate agents

Melissa & Monica are our real estate partners at our Panama City office with CPR Realty. They assist clients with sales and rentals. Melissa is bilingual.

Language skills:  Spanish (native), English (advanced)

real estate agent

Noemi is one of our real estate partners. She is licensed and experienced. She assists with rentals and sales.

Language skills:  Spanish (native), English (advanced)

land surveyor

Santiago is a qualified land surveyor with over 25 years experience and travels nationwide. He is also a licensed drone pilot and is available for aerial/drone footage of plots, farms etc.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (proficient), Italian (proficient), German (basic), Greek (basic)

ricardo & esteban

Ricardo & Esteban are our construction partners. They are qualified and licensed with over 12 years building experience. They work nationwide and offer home construction and renovation services, flooring, tiling, roofing, outer buildings, terraces, property fencing and more.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (advanced-intermediate)

plumbing and gas

Triahne is a fully qualified and licensed to assist with plumbing and gas work including repairing or replacing pipes, taps, faucents, toilets, showers, gas geyser installations and gas stove/oven connections.

Language skills: Spanish (native), English (basic)

brent & lee

Brent & Lee are our cabinet and cupboard partners. They offer high quality products and workmanship. They assist with kitchen renovations, bedroom closets, cupboards and shelving, Murphy beds and more.

Language skills: English (native), Afrikaans (native)