Below are some frequently asked questions with answers. If you have any other questions or require more information, please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

where are you located?

You can find us at the Galerias Obarrio center on the corner of Via España and Via Brazil in Panama City.  We also have an office at the Coronado Mall in Coronado.

Google locations are available on our contact us page

what services do you provide?

We assist with numerous procedures including immigration, business, property, civil, family, labor, tax, administrative and criminal procedures. 

See our services page for more info

how can i pay you?

We offer a few options including cash, bank transfers, bank deposits, Yappy App, online payment links for visa/mastercard payments.  Some clients have also opted for Western Union which can be arranged. 

how much does it cost for a visa?

This would depend on the exact type of visa that you are applying for. Panama offers various options, each has its own costs and requirements. 

Visit our costs page to view some of the prices for various visas or contact us directly for a free quotation. 

can foreigners work in panama?

Yes, foreigners can work in Panama, but require a work permit.  It is important to note that certain jobs are restricted for citizens only (for example: medical jobs, accountant, legal, engineering etc) Most companies in Panama will request to see your work permit before offering you employment. 

can foreigners own property in panama?

Yes definitely.  Foreigners are allowed to own property in Panama.  There are 2 types of property in Panama known as 'titled' and 'ROP / right of possession'.  We highly recommend titled property so you are the rightful owner with the title registered in your name.

How long can i stay in panama as a tourist?

This would depend on your country of origin.  Some countries will receive 30 days, others 90 days and some 180 days.  

USA and Canada have 180 days. 

what happens when i overstay my visa/tourist period?

Immigration will issue a $50 per month penalty against you, which must be paid at the immigration offices before you will be allowed to exit the country.  In serious cases, you may be deported and banned from returning to Panama again. 

can i start my own business in panama?

Yes definitely.  We do assist with company registrations and operation licenses so you are welcome to contact us for assistance.  Certain businesses are restricted (retail) and others will require special licenses & other requirements (incl financial & medical) 

how much money do i need to qualify for retirement in panama?

The retirement visa (pensionado) requires a minimum of $1000 per month + $250 per dependent.  You must provide an official pension letter as proof.  If you purchase property of $100,000 or more, then you only require $750 per month. 

can you assist me with buying a property and transferring it to my name?

Yes definitely.  We assist with property contracts, transfers, registrations and donations, as well as title procedures. 

can you set up a trust?

Yes definitely.  We assist with trusts.  Our managing partner, Maria Guerra, holds a diploma in trusts acquired from the Panama banking institute.  She has over 10 years experience working with trusts. 

i am having issues with a tenant who is not paying rent, can you help?

Yes definitely.  We regularly assist with landlord and tenant disputes.  Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss the exact details and we proceed with a legal process.

how do i become a citizen of panama?

You can apply for citizenship if you have had your permanent residency (E-Cedula) for 5 years or more.  The application includes a test that must be done in Spanish that will test your general knowledge about Panama including its history and geography.  Citizenship approval can take 1 up to 5 years so patience is required (in rare cases it can take longer than 5 years)

do i need a bank account in panama?

It is not required that you have a bank account in Panama, but we do recommend having a bank account if you are a resident. And if you work in Panama, you will need a bank account to receive your salary payments. Paying international ATM fees and transfer fees can be quite expensive, so having a local account reduces those costs.

if i have residency in panama, but want to return to my home country, does my residency expire?

Yes, this can happen if you leave Panama for more than 2 years. It does not necessarily happen immediately, but you might need to pay penalties and reactivate your residency. In certain cases, if the person has been gone for a long time, it may get cancelled completely.  We recommend returning to Panama every 18-22 months before the 2 year period. 

do i automatically become a resident if i marry a panamanian citizen?

No. You will still require a visa to apply for residency. Residency is not automatically granted.  You will receive a 2 year provisional residency and the visa requires a marriage interview and immigration officials may also visit your home to assess the living situation. 

can i import my vehicle into panama?

Yes, this is definitely possible, although it can be quite costly and requires certain paperwork to process.  You will also require a customs agent and the vehicle must then be registered here in Panama.  Also keep in mind, depending on the type of vehicle, that not all brands and parts are available in Panama so repairs and maintenance can be difficult with certain vehicles.

my country is listed on the restricted list of panama. can i apply for a visa to visit panama?

Yes, citizens from restricted countries can apply for a special authorization visa that will allow you 15-30 days in Panama.  You must apply for this visa at least 60 days before your intended visit. You will have to meet all requirements as provided, but approval is not guaranteed.  Immigration will review all documentation and will provide feedback in approx 30-45 days.

can you assist me with starting a foundation in panama?

Yes definitely.  We assist with the registration and setup of foundations and will provide you with the needed paperwork, requirements etc. based on the foundation that you would like to start in Panama.  Please contact us for more info. 

a contractor did not deliver as promised in our contract. can we do something about that?

Yes definitely.  It is important to have a legal contract in place for contractors specifying exact details, time periods, costs etc. In the event that a contractor quits, disappears or does not deliver as promised, a legal procedure can be started against them for breach of contract that generally requires a 3 step process if needed - Demand, ACODECO and Civil Court. 

do you assist with divorce procedures?

Yes, we do handle divorce procedures. Please contact us for appointment to discuss the exact details on the situation and reasons for divorce. We will provide the requirements and costs based on your situation (property and other assets, finances, whether you have children, etc)