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Expert attorneys offering over 17 years of experience in Panama legal procedures with offices in Panama City, Panama and Coronado, Panama West.


Assistance with all types of visas, residency and citizenship procedures including Friendly Nations, Pensionado, Investment, Professional Worker, Online Worker, Married to Panamanian, Student, Tourist, Authorization for restricted countries and more.

business & real estate

Assistance with business and property procedures including business registrations, operation licenses, work permits, employment contracts, property contracts, property transfers, title procedures, partnership agreements, change of company directors and more.

civil, family, penal & more

Assistance with civil, family, criminal procedures and more, including breach of contract, divorce, child custody, criminal defense, name changes, debt payment agreements, testaments, cedulas, birth or death certificates, banking, notary services and more. 

upcoming events

Join us on Thursday, 1 August 2024, at our Panama City office from 5-7pm as we celebrate another year!  We will have some snacks, cake and drinks available.

Coronado office celebration will be announced soon as we celebrate a year in Coronado - Watch this space for details and be sure to follow our social media pages for more information and updates

immigration SPECIALISTS : 17+ years experience

We have been assisting foreigners with visas, residency and citizenship since 2007. We assist with all types of visas including Friendly Nations, Retirement, Investment, Tourist, Student, Work, Married to a Panamanian and more. 

We have successfully assisted foreigners with their visas and residency from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay, China, Australia and more.

We also assist clients with additional services including renting or buying real estate, starting a new business, opening a new bank account, acquiring a work permit and other legal procedures. 

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Business procedures

  • Company and foundation registrations

  • Company operation/trade licenses

  • Work permits

  • Contracts and agreements - Partnerships, employment, franchise, financing/loans, services etc.

  • Dispute resolutions

  • Patents and trademarks

  • Accounting and more


  • PH registrations, regulations and consulting 

  • PH payment collection services

  • PH executive judgments 

  • Property sales and rental contracts

  • Property and owner information verification

  • Property contracts

  • Property transfers, donations, registrations and more


  • Trusts

  • Testaments

  • Formal demands

  • Breach of contract disputes

  • Criminal defense 

  • Divorce proceedings

  • Child custody agreements

  • Birth and death certificates

  • Name changes and more

Interested in renting, buying or selling property in Panama?


notary services

  • Passports and identification 

  • Contracts 

  • Testaments 

  • Rental and service agreements

  • Permissions for minors to exit the country 

  • Deeds

  • Sworn declarations 

  • Marriage officiation 

additional professional services from our partners

We have great partners that offer various services including accounting, land surveying, construction and renovation, real estate services, cabinets and closets & more

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