Contact us directly for a quotation based on your specific requirements. We have listed only a few popular processes with costs below.  Contact us for other procedures.  Please note that certain costs below may not include certain fees that may be needed in specific cases (government, notary, transportation etc) - Use prices as reference only.




(cost per hour)

Verbal consultation during normal office hours at our office locations

Verbal consultation outside of normal office hours (evenings/holidays etc)

Consultation to discuss a current process and review documents and provide legal advice





(cost per page)

Official translation of documents between Spanish and English 

Discount available for larger documents

(Certified by official licensed translator) 


Notary Service

Official notarization services starting from $10

Note that costs depend on the type of document and paper required 



Reviewing a property rental contract to confirm details and provide report

Drafting and reviewing of contracts and agreements are charged per hour 


$100 p/h


Most testaments average from $300-$600 but it depends on the amount of assets and beneficiaries etc - Contact us to discuss the details and to receive a quotation


Company registration

Standard company registration 

Special trade companies - For example: Educational, medical or financial companies



Trade license

Standard operation license 

Special operation licenses will attract additional costs (alcohol, food, medicine, cosmetics etc)



Annual costs for business

Annual resident agent fee - Includes BO platform, UAF, reports, updates, declarations as per new government law

Annual government fee 



Change company directors

Change company resident agent

Changing of directors for a company

Changing of the resident agent for company 



Work permit 

Work permit to legally work in Panama can range from $750-$1000  (includes all costs)

Work permit renewal

$750 - $1000



(excludes deposits requested by banks)

Assistance with opening a personal account  (includes transport and we personally accompany you)

Assistance with opening a business account 



ID assistance

Assistance with acquiring your Panama ID  (includes transport and we personally accompany you) 


Friendly Nations Visa

Main applicant - $2900 - Provisional residency application 

Main applicant - $1800 - Permanent residency application after 2 years 

Dependents 12 years and older - $1900 for provisional residency and $900 for permanent residency 

Dependents under 12 years - $1000 for provisional residency and $800 for permanent residency 


Pensionado Visa

Single applicant  (includes all costs - Document review, copies, notary costs, translations, health certificate, passport photos, registration, residency process, residency cards and Panama ID) 

Married couple (includes all costs for both spouses)



Married to Panamanian

$2000 for provisional residency with work permit 

$1400 for permanent residency with ID (permanent residency is granted after 2 years) 


Investor Visa

(self solvency)

Main applicant - $4600 for provisional + $1400 for permanent residency 

Dependent 12 years and older  - $2800 for provisional + $800 for permanent 

Dependent under 12 years - $1800 for provisional + $800 for permanent 


Qualified Investor Visa

Main applicant - $15,000 

Dependent 12 years and older - $2800 

Dependent under 12 - $1800 


Remote Worker Visa

Digital Nomad 


Student Visa

Study in Panama


Professional Worker

Visa for professional workers (visa with degree homologation & costs included) 



Naturalization process to become a citizen of Panama - Includes all costs 

(Citizenship approval can range from 1 year up to 5 years on average, in some cases it may take longer) 



To be quoted depending on type and details of the process


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