pensionado visa (pensioner / retirement visa) 

The pensionado visa grants permanent residency to the applicant(s) provided a lifetime pension income is received. 


  • Official proof of pension income from an authorized company / agency (pension letter) - This letter must confirm a lifetime income, no less than $1000 per month and must be apostilled. 

  • Valid passport and notarized copies (Notarized copies are done by us) - Passport must be valid for more than 6 months when applying for visa

  • Five passport photos (Photos can be done by us) 

  • Clear criminal records - Your criminal record must be done on a National level for your country (Example:  USA citizens must acquire a FBI record) - Must be apostilled. 

  • Certificate of good health issued by a Panamanian doctor

  • Proof of address in Panama (utility bill, rental contract, etc)

  • Personal background affidavit (These documents are provided by us) - To be completed and signed by the applicant in pen 

  • Power of attorney (Provided by us) - To be signed by the applicant in pen 

  • If applying with a spouse as a dependent - Marriage certificate (apostilled) + pension must state a minimum of $1250 per month


  • If the pension comes from a private company, please also include the following: A letter from the company certifying the management of the funds, company certificate proving existence and validity to manage funds, copy of proof of payment or bank statements

  • EXCEPTION: If the applicants owns private property in Panama of $100 000 or more, the applicant requires a pension income of only $750 per month or $1000 for a couple.

  • In the case of dependent children, your permission will be temporary until the child is 25 years old as long as you can proof they are studying, however they will not have the right of permanence or pensioner, except for children who suffer from a proven profound disability. 

Why Pensionado visa? 

  • The pensionado visa program offers the easiest, quickest and most affordable option to permanent residency 

  • You qualify for various discounts on important things like flights, hotels, restaurants, medical costs, utilities and more

  • You qualify for a 1 time tax exemption on the import of household goods up to $10,000 

  • You qualify for tax exemptions on importing a new car every 2 years 

  • You are allowed to bring dependents (spouses & children under 25) if your pension amount is enough (Minimum $1000 for the applicant + $250 per dependent) 

**Once your children reaches 25, they will need to apply for their own visas.  Children with disabilities can remain with the parents. 

**You are not allowed to work as a pensioner, but you are allowed to own a business. 

The process: 

  • You will have to start by acquiring the documents needed from your home country - Police records, marriage certificate, income letters 

  • Keep in mind that these documents are only valid for a maximum of 6 months so start this process roughly 2-3 months before your flight date 

  • These documents MUST BE APOSTILLED to be accepted for your visa application 

  • Once you have your documents apostilled and ready, scan and email us copies at least 4 weeks before your flight (minimum 2-3 weeks) so we can review it to ensure everything is correct.  We can also use these copies to start translations as all documents must be translated to Spanish by an authorized Panamanian translator

  • It is recommended that the applicant(s) be available in Panama City for at least 10 days when coming to apply for the visa

  • The initial registration and application for temporary residency can normally be done in 2-5 days (up to 10 days if there are delays) 

  • Once your temporary cards have been issued, you are allowed to travel the rest of the country to explore or exit Panama completely 

  • Permanent residency is generally granted after 3-4 months (up to 6 months if there are delays) at which point you will be notified by us.  You will need to return to Panama City to acquire your permanent residency cards in person. 

  • The application for the ID/cedula can be done after permanent residency has been granted, approximately 10-15 days later 

The cost 

We offer flat rate fees that includes all costs - Document reviews, registrations, health certificate, photos, notary costs, translation costs, legal fees, assistance with opening a personal bank account, temporary residency, permanent residency and your Panama ID (cedula) 

  • Single applicant - $1500 

  • Married couple - $2200 

  • Dependents - $700 

** The costs listed above are flat rates provided the applicant has provided us with all the correct documents and has met requirements