parents of panamanian children 

Foreigners who have children born in Panama can apply for permanent residency under the following requirements 

  • The child must be 5 years or older 

  • Power of attorney and application forms 

  • Valid passport

  • Notarized copy of passport

  • 5 passport photos

  • Criminal background certificate - apostilled  

  • Health certificate 

  • Personal background declaration forms 

  • Letter of responsibility and repatriation of the resident or national 

  • Birth certificate of the child issued by National Director of Civil Registry 

  • Sworn statement before a notary stating that the parent has fulfilled their duties as a good parent 

  • Certified check for $250 for the National Treasury 

  • Certified check for $800 for the Immigration Service 

  • Proof of address - Property ownership, rental contract or utility bill 

Note that a 2 year provisional residency is granted first. The applicant can apply for permanent residency after this period.