married to a panamanian visa

Being married to a Panamanian does not automatically qualify you as a resident of Panama. You still need to complete an immigration process to apply for residency in Panama. 

The requirements:

  • Valid passport

  • Notarized copy of passport

  • Five passport photos

  • Power of attorney and application

  • Clear criminal record from the country of origin and any other country where the applicant lived for 2 years or more. (National level or FBI for US citizens - Must be apostilled) 

  • Marriage certificate from the Civil Registry in Panama

  • Panamanian partner's birth certificate from the Civil Registry

  • Copy of partner's ID authenticated by the Civil Registry

  • Payment of $250 to the National Treasury

  • Health certificate from a Panamanian doctor not older than 3 months

  • Proof of address

  • Marital interview (An interview must be completed with an immigration officer who will ask personal questions to both parties (separately) regarding the living arrangements, routines, finances, family members and other personal questions to prove that the parties are not falsifying information.)

** The immigration service also has the right to visit and inspect you and your partner's home at any time to assess the living situation.  

The process: 

  • The initial application process will grant the applicant with temporary residency and then a 2 year provisional residency is provided 

  • The applicant is allowed to apply for a work permit and can be legally employed by a company 

  • The applicant must complete a new application for permanent residency after 2 years 

The cost: 

  • Provisional residency - $2000 

  • Permanent residency - $1400