Family members of Panama residents can apply for residency provided the resident has been living in Panama for more than 2 years or holds permanent residency.. Members may include parents, children and spouses.

  • Passport and notarized copy

  • 3 passport photos

  • Criminal background / police clearance certificate

  • Certificate of good health

  • Notarized power of attorney and application forms

  • Personal background affidavit from the Panama resident

  • Notarized letter of responsibility from the Panama resident

  • Certified check for $800 for immigration

  • Certified check for $250 for the National Treasury

  • Proof of family connection (birth certificate, marriage certificate)

  • Children between 18 - 25 years must include a declaration of singleness and a certificate from an educational institution showing status as a full-time student

  • Proof of economic solvency: Show a bank reference with at least $5000 or show work reference with work permit or show income taxes with minimum monthly income of $1000 + $100 per dependent.

  • Adopted children: Include letter of responsibility, birth certificate, authenticated copies of the adoption approval, copies of their foreign identification document