agricultural investment 

A foreigner who invests a minimum of $60,000 + $500 per dependent in the agricultural industry can acquire residency up 6 years in Panama.  Note this visa does not grant permanent residency.  This visa must be renewed every 2 years for up to a total of 6 years.  The investment must be made into a authorized project by the Ministry of Agricultural Development. 


  • Criminal background certificate 

  • Health certificate issued by Panama doctor 

  • Valid passport 

  • Notarized copy of passport 

  • 5 passport photos 

  • Power of attorney and application form 

  • Certified check for $250 for National Treasury 

  • Certified check for $800 for Immigration Service 

  • Copy of the Agricultural Registry certificate showing the registration number, farm location, farm activities 

  • Proof of investment and certification by CPA - Accountant must include their registration card and ID